N. S. Charles

Spanked and Fucked

"Speak up, enunciate, full sentences. Again."

This is an excerpt from the DORM SLUTS series.  Lisa thinks she's better than her roommates in every way, but when she gets turned down for a steamy late night tryst, a deep commanding voice in the darkness decides that she needs a little discipline in Spanked and Fucked.

Lisa: The Double Major Ice Queen


“Five! Thankyoucanihaveanother.”

“Enunciate, speak up, remember what I told you, Lisa.” Brian made a slow circle with his fingertip digging into her firm flesh before spanking her again, harder.
“Oohh, s-six. Thank you! Can I have another?”

“Manners, Lisa.”


“Sevunnn... Thank you, may I have another, please?”


“Eight. Thangyu... thank you. May I have another, please?”


“Aah-ahh... nine. Th-thank you. Mayaye hab another, please?”


“Ten! Thank you. May Ihave another, puh-please?”

“You’re doing well, Lisa,” she was sure that he was saying her name louder than usual to make sure that they heard her. He passed his hand over her butt in a gentle rubbing motion. The prickles of pain receded. “You can rest for a minute, but I want you to kiss me.”

Lisa turned to face him, her butt hanging off of the stool. Brian made little effort to slide toward her so she moved forward to meet him, sliding her arms around his neck to keep her balance. Until their lips met, she didn’t realize how hungry for him she was. She let her tongue dip into his mouth, suckling on his in a wildly passionate kiss.

A minute went by and he pushed her back, gently, holding her by the shoulders. She presented herself again, announcing her predicament loudly. They continued from where they left off, Lisa counting spanks, thanking Brian, and then asking that he grant her another spank. He increased his intensity, sending ripples of pain through her bubble butt, causing her to clench around the plug and start to drip onto the wooden stool. Her exposed peach was over the lip of the stool and she could imagine thick, syrupy cum dribbling over the side while her housemates watched.

At the end of the next round of ten spanks, Lisa turned to Brian, expecting to repeat their kiss. She was hungry and waiting for him, and felt her thigh shift into the little puddle of juices on her seat. He bent forward, and she pressed herself to his lips, but he made no move to kiss her. His strong arms turned the stool so that she faced the countertop again, and then he started to spank her rapidfire. Lisa heard Kendra gasp from the top of the stairs.

“You don’t have to speak up for these.”

Instead of kissing for the full minute, he spanked her hard and fast, readjusting to make sure he made contact with the crest of her globes when she started squirming and twisting in pain. Once or twice he accidentally, or maybe purposely tapped the plug, and Lisa was reduced to panting and moaning on the counter while he worked her ass. She lost track of the count somewhere around seventy, but by then she was thrashing about as much as she could on the stool and had ditched biting her lip to keep quiet in favor of low, throaty moans.

“I’m going to start normally again.”


“Uunh... twinnyone. Thangyu, may I habanudder?”


“Oohhh... mmm. Twinnytoo. Thangyu, may I habanudder?”


“Fuck meeee. Puh, please.”


“Twinnythree. Thank you, please f-fuck me.”


“Yess... twinnyfour. Thangyu. Mmm... fuck me, please.”


“I want you to fuck me with your thick cock, please. I’m dripping wet for you. Slide it in my pussy and put your big, thick cock in my tight little butthole.”

Kendra gasped again, and Derek definitely muttered a low, “Wow,” at her frankness. But she couldn’t take it anymore. Each swat against her red, abused, quivering asscheeks pushed the plug against her inner walls and sent a spark of uncomfortable, but incredible pleasure through her body. She couldn’t be any more ready for him then she already was.

There was a moment of sheer anxiety as he pressed himself against her. The clatter of his belt buckle gave away what he was doing, and Lisa pressed her toes on the lower rung and pushed her backside further off of the stool. His warm hands took hold of her hips and he pressed his thick cock into her dripping tunnel.

“Mmm... yes, yes...” Lisa cried, trying to squirm her hips to sheathe more of him inside of her wet hole, but she was teetering on the edge of disaster, and she let him take her while she placed her faith in the granite countertop.

Spanked and Fucked is now available on Kindle, Smashwords and Nook.

Hot Sex With His Unexpected Visitor

"Lick it. I know you want to."

An excerpt from N. S. CHARLES PRESENTS|EROTIC ROMANCE series. Michael is a loner, and has built his life around silence and solitude. When his sister promises his guest bedroom to an old high school friend, his lonely life is turned upside down when she puts on an especially sexual show in Hot Sex With His Unexpected Visitor.

Michael and Lacey: Catching Up On All That They've Missed

Michael was the one to break off the kiss.  He pulled away from her lips to look into her smoldering honey brown eyes, relishing in her smile.  Closing his eyes, he pulled her against his body and pressed his lips against hers.  His hands moved across her body, reaching for her full, firm breasts.  He pressed them together and felt how they threatened to spill out from the constricting fabric of her dress.  He pawed at her dress, lifted it up over the generous curve of her ass and then wrapped himself around her in an attempt to grab it.

Lacey’s hips were wide, and Michael found himself marveling at how firm and toned she felt.  He could feel a single piece of elastic string between his hands and her beautiful bubble butt, and a little investigative groping led him to the point where it vanished between her heavenly globes.  He squeezed her ass in his hands ran his hands back upwards along the shallow dip of her spine feeling the smooth, tanned skin underneath his fingertips.

When he reached for a bra, he found none, and understood at once that her luscious breasts were confined solely within her little white dress.  He couldn’t get enough of her, and quickly pulled it from her shoulders to see her bare collarbones and the tops of her breasts.

Lacey reached behind her back, grabbing at her zipper and slipped the dress down over her breasts and on to the floor.  She broke off their kiss to step out of the dress and placed her hands to her hips.


“You look fucking amazing, Lace.”  Michael stepped forward to take her into his arms again.

“Yeah, I thought so.  Now take me upstairs and put your big dick in me.  God, I’ve been waiting for you to wake up so I could confront you for like four hours.”  She hopped up, wrapping her legs around his back and locking her ankles together.  She pecked him on the lips before she made a show of looking back over her shoulder to say, “Wow, Mike.  I would’ve never guessed you were so thick.  Mm, I can’t wait, honey.”

Michael placed her on the counter, letting her lean back against the cabinets, “Neither can I.  You look so fucking good.”

He pulled her g-string to the side, finding a neat little patch of hair above her sopping pussy.  Pulling her out slightly, he moved her hips from the counter and put his face to one of her thighs, kissing slowly, working inward.  He could hear Lacey coo above him, and felt it as her hands found themselves embedded in his hair.  He switched to the other thigh, riling her up as he kissed, licked and nibbled on her heated flesh.

Lacey bucked involuntarily and she placed a hand on the counter behind her to steady herself.  She threw her dark curls back in pleasure, moaning, gyrating as he skipped over her pussy again.

“Ohh, Mike, just do it.  Oh God, eat my pussy, baby!”  She tried to pull him in the direction she wanted him to go with the hand in her hair, but he resisted, turning his head to steer himself away from her guidance, trailing butterfly kisses the entire way.  “Oooh, yes.”

Michael stopped between her legs to blow cool air from pursed lips onto her dripping, bare sex, smiling to himself when she shivered and responded by trying to push him into her heat.  In one swift motion he pressed his tongue flat against her and licked her from the smooth flesh between her juicy pussy and tight asshole up to her clit.

He let his thumb drift over it, tapping it lightly to get a feel for how sensitive it was for her, then dipping down into her wet, honeyed hole for lubrication before attacking it in a back and forth motion.  He stiffened his tongue as much as he could and thrust it in and out of her, tasting her in his mouth as he did so.  She was sweet and musky, and drinking in her scent did nothing but throw his longing into overdrive.

“Oh, yes, ohh yes.” Lacey ground into his face the best she could without much leverage from the counter, her legs dangling over Michael’s shoulders.  She swung her hips in wide circles, releasing the grasp on his hair to steady herself on her elbows as she traced slow, sweeping arcs over his face to get him into the right spot.  She moaned again, calling his name as he brought her closer to the threshold of orgasm.

Just as she thought she was used to his rhythm, he moved, leaving his fingers in place of his tongue, and moving up along her body to kiss her deeply.  Lacey moaned into his mouth as his thumb danced on her clit, gentle at first, but now, with enough pressure and exertion to ensure his digit was always circling her lewdly.  His palm rested against her pubic bone and she could feel him slipping another finger into her dripping cunt.

She rode his hand, slamming her hips into his palm, over and over.  “Oh yes, right there.  Don’t stop, don’t stop!”

Lacey brought a hand up to pull him into a kiss as he brought her up and over the threshold.  Her orgasm broke like a wave crashing against the rocks, hitting her all at once and sweeping her under into a violent ocean of pleasure.  She pulled back to moan as she came, squeezing his hand between her thighs.

“Aah, ooh, oh God, Mike.”  She opened her thighs, but pulled herself up against him when he kept moving his thumb over her clit.  “Ooh, you can s-stop.”

But Michael didn’t.

Hot Sex With His Unexpected Visitor is now available on Kindle, Smashwords and Nook.

Fucking the Professor

She's Less Than Half His Age!

This is an excerpt from the upcoming DORM SLUTS series.  Eve, a student who can't keep her mind off of Professor Thompson, decides to go for what she wants in Fucking the Professor.

Eve: Your Everyday College Girl

Keys jingled in the door.  Eve moaned even louder than before, and she reached a hand back to pull one tanned globe to the side.

“I hope you didn’t fuck her ass yet.” Mrs. Thompson said as she strode in.

She was wearing a tight sundress, her huge, pale breasts mushed in the little top above the empire waist.  The fabric clung to her as if she was naked, and Eve watched as she walked up to her husband and he pulled his tongue from her ass to pull his wife into a kiss.

He kept a rigid hand on Eve’s hips as their lips smashed together, and she could feel his cock laying against her back, hard and already dripping with pre-cum.  Mrs. Thompson sucked his tongue into her mouth, moaning, apparently liking everything that she tasted.  She broke the kiss and bent to slurp the head of his cock into her mouth while Eve watched over her shoulder, intrigued.

“Fuck her bum like you fuck mine you dirty fucking wanker,” Mrs. Thompson said.  She gave Eve’s ass a good slap and then brought the same hand around to grope her full, firm tits.  “God, it’s like they get better and better every year, yeah?  She has such firm tits.”

“Thank you.”  Eve replied, too shocked to ask just what was going on.

Mrs. Thompson took a perch on the half of the desk that the little blonde wasn’t resting against, instructing her husband to start sodomizing the girl already.

“Eve, right?”

The professor pressed his slippery member against her back passage, and on her tiptoes with her back arched she pushed back against him.  He held her by the hips roughly and pressed his cock to her, pushing against her tight anal pucker for entry.

“Y-yes,” the sexy student responded. “Hnnh!”

She felt his cock push through the ring of muscle, popping into her ass, but buckling under the pressure.  Mrs. Thompson reached a hand out to guide him into Eve.  The three of them all groaned in unison when he sank down to his balls, Eve’s tight hole squeezing his thick cock impossibly.

“Fuck her little bubble bum!  I want you to breed her, use her little hole,” Mrs. Thompson directed.  She turned to Eve, “Don’t let him do all the work, yeah?  Use those pretty little hips of yours, girl.”

Eve could feel her dripping pussy vibrate as the professor drew his shaft from her ass and then slammed it home against his stomach.  He repeated it, slowly averaging four or five strokes every thirty seconds, intent on not bursting too soon.  She could feel her hole too tight around him, the spit and friction helping to rub him to an early orgasm.

“Ohh... Mrs. T?” Eve said as her professor drilled her back door.


“Could you... unh!  Unh-unh-ungh!  Ohh!”  Eve said, interrupted with a series of increasing thrusts.  “Hold his cock for me.  Wrap your th-- ohh... yess...  wrap your thumb and forefinger around him for m-me?  Oh God!”

Mrs. Thompson nodded, reaching down to effectively limit her husband’s potential as he pistoned in and out of the young girl splayed in front of them.  She licked her lips as she watched his powerful, thick shaft pull from Eve’s tight hole and then slide back inside.  She spit on his cock as he slid out with amazing accuracy, feeling the slimy fluid against her hand when he shoved himself into Eve’s hole and then pulled himself back out.

Eve watched them begin kissing again, Mrs. Thompson pulling the professor in for a serious tongue sucking while she buried her hands in his hair.  The blonde student was almost over the edge, and as he pumped his shaft in and out of her she smashed back against him, trying to match his speed, but at this point he was going too fast for her to handle, drawn into a frenzy as he made out with his wife while he fucked a girl less than half her age in front of her.

Fucking the Professor is now available on Kindle, Smashwords, and Nook.